Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

europe through a single lens reflex

i revisited the 1674 or so photos i took in europe this afternoon. memories. i have selected a few that i thought showed the places and things i saw well.

place and time

whilst browsing the interwebs i came across my good friend mr walls blog. i noticed a picture that he posted, and thought to myself i have the same photo as that.  it occured to me that time and place altough not linked to each other, co exsist with each other in a wierd but wonderful way. i found myself thinking that although i was in paris a number of months after alex,  that i had walked the same roads, followed the same steps as him without ever knowing. who are you following.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

last night i sat down with my trusty guitar and started to play. i played a song i wrote a long time ago, the first song i ever wrote. the thing is the song never had lyrics. but i liked it that way, i knew that one day music would find lyrics and all would be complete. now about a year ago i wrote a song, about a girl, a girl who meant alot to me. a girl who didnt see it. i wrote the song with no music, just lyrics. a few nights ago i started to play, and the two merged. and seemed to mesh perfectly together. last night i sat down and rewrote some of the song, i hope she doesnt mind.

She makes me happy, she makes me sad
Makes me angry, and she makes me mad
She makes everything much better
Brings me the sunshine and good weather
makes me wish I had never met her
Because I love her so
And I cant stand to let her go

You don’t even understand
Take this song with a grain of sand
As a testament of what you mean
And all the magic dreams you bring
All the love that went unshown
Because with you I feel at home.

She makes me cry, when she says goodbye
Rips my heart out, makes me die
five years ago, she stole the show
Like a tree from a seed,
she’s made me grow
More than she will
ever know.
Because I love her so,
and I know,
I have to let her go…

You don’t even understand
Take this song with a grain of sand
As a testament of what you mean
And all the magic dreams you bring
All the love that went unshown
Because with you I feel at home.

Oh god she makes this hard.
When everything I’ve ever loved
is in her heart
It’s to those days that stretched to night
With her lying in my arms, and those nights
she turned to day her eyes turning darkness light

Why can’t we stay this way forever
Forever like this we’ll stay
But its hard when I can never find
Just the right words to say
To you….

You never even understood
I did everything that I could
All I wanted was to show you what you mean
And all the magic dreams that you bring
All the love that went unshown
Because with you I felt at home.

yeah its all soppy and shit. there is a moral to the story,
chicks dont dig songs about them, chicks dig backflips

Thursday, January 1, 2009


we do not remember days...... we remember moments. 

a quote that i remember reading a while ago, it just came to me how true those words are.  there are so many moments that i would love to know when or what date they took place. but its the moment you remember long after the day goes from yesterday to last month maybe even to last year. these moments are easily recalled but the days in which they take place are not. 

my journal will have its first entry tonight. ive procrastinated about it enough now, and i have overcome my fear of messing it up. with the logic that it will only be myself and maybe a few select individuals that will ever see the paper that i write upon. i guess the fact that simonne seems dissapointed in the fact i havent used it yet also may have influenced me a little as well. but i feel there is no better day to start a journal than on the first day of a new year, start a fresh, set goals, let go.

song most played today: the astronaut - something corporate

last song played on guitar: cute without the e - taking back sunday 

music that im digging: i bought leaving through the window album yesterday, it is the best album ever recorded, if you dont have it get it.

fav quote recently heard: well its obvious really.

thoughts: worked over from today, sort of strange feeling going on at the moment. 

Sunday, December 28, 2008

alright the other day i decided to go for a drive when i realised i had nothing to do and i was sick of aimlessly walking around my house. so basically i ended up at the spit. which was surprisingly cool. 

basically i ended up writing some shit, which may or may not be any good. but it was inspired by my surrondings. a good friend of mine recently told me one way or another, that the good the bad and the ugly all deserve a place to stay... so here it is.

she's sick of her life

sick of her friends

that she though had meant

so much more than this

well she though wrong

she climbs in her car

tank almost dry

the pulls out the drive

trying not to cry

the knows that she can make it

on this one way trip

she runs

runs to the ocean

and she dives

dives in with her clothes on

she lets the salt 

wash away the tears

all this pain

all these fears

he knocks on her door

hoping he made it

he finds a note

left before him

he knows he is to late to help her

but he had his chance

the note that she left him

sits with a loaded gun

he wants to stop reading

its already begun

the cold metal runs along his finger tips

put this between your lips

pull the trigger 

go on i dare you

pull the trigger 

go on i dare you

and she swims

she doesnt look back

the drained from her clothes

like faded memories

and she swims

she wont ever go back

she is finally free

from her broken dreams

so run

run to the ocean

dive in with your clothes on

let the salt burn your eyes 

and wash away the tears

as it takes way the pain

as it takes away your fears

run to the ocean.


song most played today:  globes and maps - something corporate

last song played on guitar: heroine  - something corporate

music that im digging:  songs or silent movies

favourite quote i recently read or heard:  i wont quote it all, but the first page of my journal was written by simonne, it is amazing.

thoughts: stoked on sizzler giving me free meal vouchers because they are slack as hell. thinking about what im gonna do tomorrow, maybe head out on the water, not sure. see what people are up to i guess.

a blog of my own.

so for christmas my dear friend simonne gave me a journal, which will kind of place this blog on the backburner for my own personal thoughts, which is most probably a good thing, as i will not bore the shit out of everyone (if anyone actually reads this anyways).  i havent actually written in my journal yet as i have no idea what to write, i always have shit on my mind, so i dont know where to start. anyways i will update this sucker later on tonight with some rad stuff.