Thursday, January 1, 2009


we do not remember days...... we remember moments. 

a quote that i remember reading a while ago, it just came to me how true those words are.  there are so many moments that i would love to know when or what date they took place. but its the moment you remember long after the day goes from yesterday to last month maybe even to last year. these moments are easily recalled but the days in which they take place are not. 

my journal will have its first entry tonight. ive procrastinated about it enough now, and i have overcome my fear of messing it up. with the logic that it will only be myself and maybe a few select individuals that will ever see the paper that i write upon. i guess the fact that simonne seems dissapointed in the fact i havent used it yet also may have influenced me a little as well. but i feel there is no better day to start a journal than on the first day of a new year, start a fresh, set goals, let go.

song most played today: the astronaut - something corporate

last song played on guitar: cute without the e - taking back sunday 

music that im digging: i bought leaving through the window album yesterday, it is the best album ever recorded, if you dont have it get it.

fav quote recently heard: well its obvious really.

thoughts: worked over from today, sort of strange feeling going on at the moment. 

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